•  Familiy Participation
    While a student is attending Valley Center School, family participation is very important.
    Families stay involved in their child's education through:
    • Daily reports which summarize behavioral performance across the day, describe homework, or offer a means for the teacher and parent/guardian to write notes.
    • Weekly progress reports are used. The progress reports summarize the student’s academic performance in each class, and summarize progress on individual behavior expectations.
    • Trimester report cards are provided, along with a status report on each IEP goal and objectives.
    • Fall and Winter Parent teacher conferences are held each year.  NOTE: a parent teacher conference can be scheduled at any time upon the request of a parent/guardian.
    • Parent Pow-Wow’s are held twice a year. These are opportunities for parents to learn techniques or practices that may help at home, as well as at school.  Previous topics have been mindfulness and coping skills.    
    • Throughout the year, parents are involved in the development of individual behavior plans and any necessary modifications if progress is not being made.
    • Frequent phone/email contacts
    • At least annually, parents attend an IEP meeting to take part in a comprehensive review of their child's IEP.
    Initiatives working together