• VCS ParentsWhile a student is attending Valley Center School, parent participation is very important.
    Parents stay involved in their child's education through:
    square Daily reports (used with elementary and middle school students) summarize social behavior across the day, describe homework, or offer a means for the teacher and parent to write notes.
    square Weekly report cards are used with all students. The report cards summarize the students academic performance in each class, and summarize progress on individual behavior programs.
    square Quarterly report cards are provided with a status report on each IEPt goal and objectives.
    square At the end of the first and third quarter, parent-teacher conferences
    are arranged.
    square Throughout the year, parents are involved in the development of individual behavior plans and any necessary modifications if progress is not being made.
    square Frequent phone contacts are also made.
    square At least annually, parents attend an IEPt meeting to take part in a comprehensive review of their child's IEP.