• Southern Michigan Autism Resource Team
    SMART Mission:
    To foster partnering of all stakeholders in Southern Michigan to improve services and outcomes for students with autism.
    SMART Goals:
    Organized roll-out of START Training and on-going Mentoring for Teachers (General Education, Regular Education), Administrators, Paraprofessionals and Families.

    a. Central contact and coordination for trainings (referral and scheduling)
    b. Central liaison and on-going support for coaches
    c. Coordination of training tools
    Resource Coordination Efforts

    a. Creation and management of an area-wide resource library
    b. Fostering community stakeholder involvement

    Systems Change

    a. Promoting trans-disciplinary, pro-active, effective teaming
    b. Increasing systematic transition planning and resources

    Contact SMART
    Kalamazoo County - Kelli Bielang
    Berrien County - Kathy Hicock
    Van Buren County - Melanie Giddings
    Cass County - Carrie Rabbitt
    St. Joe County - Kristi Bronstetter