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Kalamazoo RESA

The Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency provides innovative and responsive educational services to educators and learners through leadership, collaboration and support. 
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KRESA Foundation

Kalamazoo RESA Foundation

Inspiring Educational Excellence Supporting learners and educators through grants, scholarships and professional development.
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Education for the Arts

EFA is a program arm of Kalamazoo RESA. EFA’s mandate is to enhance arts education opportunities and programs for every Kalamazoo County school through developing, maintaining and strengthening partnerships between school districts, schools, teachers and the rich array of professional arts institutions in Southwest Michigan.
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EFA Aesthetic

Education for the Arts - Aesthetic Education

Modeled on the essential principles of the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts in Education, the EFA Aesthetic Education Program provides students with a rich investigation of high-quality works of art in all disciplines. 
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Education for Employment

Education for Employment is a Career and Technical Education program partnered with Kalamazoo County high schools, Kalamazoo Valley Community College and business and industry.
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Great Start Collaborative

Kalamazoo Great Start Collaborative/Parent Coalition

Our local Collaborative is part of a network of 55 Great Start Collaboratives working in every county in Michigan. The purpose of Great Start is to assure a coordinated system of community resources and supports to help all Kalamazoo County families provide a great start for their children from birth to age five. 
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Kalamazoo RESA Young Adult Program

Transition educational program for students who have completed 4 years of high school but have not completed their transition activities & goals. The Kalamazoo RESA YAP provides all young adult students the necessary experiences and resources to transition successfully into a meaningful independent life.
Great Start Collaborative 

Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Y.O.U. is dedicated to assisting youth and adults of Kalamazoo/St.Joseph county by providing activities and services that will enable them to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be successful in education and employment.

Kalamazoo Area College Access Network

The College and Career Action Network partners with the Learning Network of Greater Kalamazoo to help students get to and through post secondary education. The mission of CACAN is to dramatically increase the college preparedness and participation of students in Kalamazoo County.
Great Start

Kalamazoo RESA Great Start

The ultimate goal for Kalamazoo RESA Great Start, as service providers, is to help parents understand how to connect with their children. We want them to feel successful in engaging and educating their children throughout the day. We want them to feel that they have the knowledge and the materials to be their child's very best teacher and advocate.


The Regional Educational Media Center is a division of the Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency. REMC has many services that local districts, and districts around the state of Michigan, can take advantage of. REMC Innovation Center provides innovative tools, training, and collaboration space for schools and other non-profits.
 KRESA Print Center

KRESA Print Center

The KRESA Print Center (formerly known as REMC Printing Services) is a full service printing department with capabilities from design, print and delivery for all your school and nonprofit publication needs.
EFA Alternative Arts
EFA's Alternative Arts Initiative
The Alternative Arts Initiative provides students in alternative educational settings in Kalamazoo county with access to experiences in and with the arts. 
Transition Services
Transition Services
The focus of Kalamazoo RESA Transition Services is an employment, adult living, community participation and post secondary options for students of transition age.  
Instructional Center
Instructional Center
Kalamazoo RESA’s Instructional Center provides educators and community members with leadership, support, and resources to ensure all students are college and career ready.
Head Start
Kalamazoo RESA Head Start
At Kalamazoo RESA Head Start, children learn through experience. In addition to math, reading, science, and art skills, Head Start students are taught about cooperation, problem solving, and responsibility. 
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PAWS - Parent and WoodsEdge Staff
We are an inclusive group of parents, caregivers and staff at WoodsEdge Learning Center; focused on fostering community at WELC by increasing home/school connections and family to family connections.