KRESA Focused Learning Experience (KFLEx)

  • The purpose of the KRESA Focused Learning Experience (KFLEx) program is to provide students grades 6-12 in Kalamazoo County additional opportunities for those who desire a different way to “do school.”

    KFLEx is available to all students of the Kalamazoo RESA service area through participation in the KFLEx program partnership. The program focuses on engaging students in various learning experiences, including project-based learning, career exploration and work-based learning. Students participating in the KFLEx program remain students of their home school district with the ability to engage in some or all their courses. KFLEx provides alternative and innovative options for students who desire a more flexible schedule, would benefit from more of a non-traditional school setting, or wish to catch up on learning.

    KFLEx provides multiple methods of learning with individualized plans that create meaningful learning experiences for students and are taught by highly qualified teachers within Kalamazoo County. KFLEx is a blended learning model that incorporates virtual learning while allowing students to participate in face-to-face learning in their school district.

    Enrollment begins June 1, 2021

    Families must officially enroll their child in their local school district to be eligible for the KFLEx program. All enrolled students will also have an assigned mentor who supports the overall academic progress and supports for students.

    KFLEx Video Promo

    Please contact your local school district for additional enrollment information.

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