• Project SEARCH

    Project SEARCH was created in 1996 by Erin Riehle, Director of the Emergency Department at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Since then Project Search has grown from a single program site at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, to more than 600 locations across 49 states and 11 countries.

    A special education transition program, Project SEARCH trains and equips individuals with disabilities to perform complex jobs and supports each student in finding meaningful work within the community.

    During its first seven years, 52 out of 69 students had found and maintained meaningful work in our community, with 33 employers having hired at least one YAP students during that time.

    In Kalamazoo, Project SEARCH is a collaboration among the following organizations:

    • Kalamazoo RESA
    • Michigan Rehabilitation Services
    • Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
    • Bureau of Services for Blind Persons
    • Bronson Methodist Hospital
    • Radisson Plaza Hotel and Suites at Kalamazoo


    Visit Bronson’s PS for more information.

    Watch Project Search Spotlight Award Video.