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    Michigan's Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP), established in 1985, provides high-quality preschool education to four year olds. GSRP eligibility is primarily based on income. Over-income families may be eligible, but may need to pay a fee based on a sliding scale.
    Research shows students attending this successful program did better throughout their academic careers, had lower dropout rates, had higher income as adults and were imprisoned less frequently than children who didn't attend preschool.
    To ensure high quality local programs, all GSRP locations are required to:
    • Implement comprehensive Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Prekindergarten adopted by the Michigan State Board of Education.
    • Use of the Program Quality Assessment (PQA) along with a Child Assessment Tool.
    • Have an Early Childhood Specialist position with a master’s degree or higher to act as a mentor coach for teaching teams.
    • Hire teachers with bachelor’s degrees in elementary education with an early childhood endorsement or child development.
    • Hire associate teachers with an associate’s degree in early childhood/child development or child development. 
    For more information, call 269-250-9333.