Anti-Bias Anti-Racism (ABAR) Leadership Team

  • The Kalamazoo RESA Anti-Bias Anti-Racism (ABAR) Leadership Team exists to analyze and transform institutional policies, procedures, and systems. We will ensure that KRESA is accountable to historically marginalized groups by working to embody the values of an anti-bias anti-racist service organization. The team’s purpose is to collaborate with others, promote organizational change, and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion as we seek to fulfill KRESA’s core values.

    The Kalamazoo RESA ABAR Leadership Team was formed in January 2018.  In 2019, the KRESA Board of Education approved four areas for agency-wide continuous improvement work. Our ABAR work aligns to the following goal statement:

    Goal 1b: KRESA cultivates a positive, welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment for all built upon Anti-bias/ Anti-racist principles

    For more information about inclusion and diversity at Kalamazoo RESA, or to join the committee, contact one of our Team Coordinators:

    Ti Lee, Diane Owen-Rogers, Rachel Roberts