• Valley Center School

    Valley Center is a special education center-based school that provides services to all nine districts within Kalamazoo County. Valley Center School serves students ages 8–18, with emotional or unique behavioral needs.
    As a center-based special education program, VCS offers a smaller, structured educational setting for students while providing instruction in the general education curriculum. VCS also provides daily instruction and practice of social-emotional learning skills.
    As a service, prior to referral to Valley Center, Kalamazoo RESA’s Intensive Support Team offers consulting in local districts. When consulting, the Intensive Support Team may assist local schools in completing functional behavior assessments and behavior intervention plans. The team remains available to analyze the plan’s effectiveness after implementation.
    To inquire further about Valley Center School, contact your area director of special education. 
    Our goal is to empower students with skills that allow them to return to their local district school and/or participate successfully in less restrictive school settings, homes and in our community.
    Valley Center School recognizes the importance of relationships and collaborations. Therefore, we strive to work with families, school and community partners, all in an effort to support the academic, social and emotional growth of our students.