• Referral Process
    Any referral made to Valley Center School is a referral to assist in planning for the student involved. Placement in Valley Center School is done through the Individualized Educational Planning process. Each referral is therefore considered individually, working with the LEA staff, the student, the parents and any outside agencies involved with a student.
    An LEA director of special education or designated liaison obtains a referral packet through the Valley Center principal.
    1. LEA personnel evaluate students for special education programs and services. Evaluation materials should be current. That is, the MET report for a student referred to Valley Center should not be more than 12 months old. The functional assessment must be current, and resulting behavior plans with evaluation data must be included.
    2. LEA personnel meet with the parents and interpret all test results, due process procedures, parent involvement procedures, and describe the programs under consideration.
    3. Once the Valley Center referral packet is complete, it is forwarded to the principal of Valley Center.
    4. When received the referral packet is reviewed by Valley Center staff including the principal, an age-appropriate teacher, the teacher consultant and school social worker. The Valley Center principal requests any further information needed to assist in making decisions at the students IEPt meeting.
    5. Once the referral packet is received, the LEA liaison makes arrangements with the Valley Center principal for a parent-student visit. Students are encouraged to make this visit to learn about Valley Center. During this visit the parents are given an overview of curriculum, affective education, and school-wide procedures. The advantages and disadvantages of attending a center-program for students with emotional/behavior disorders are reviewed. This is followed by a tour of the school. The intent is to give the parent and student sufficient information to make an informed decision on placement. Any questions are addressed and the parent leaves with contact information they need to discuss any issues prior to the IEPt meeting to address the student's needs.
    6. After the parent-student visit to Valley Center, LEA personnel arrange, with parents and Valley Center personnel, a time and place for an IEPt meeting.
    7. LEA personnel make any arrangements and notifications for the IEPt meeting. LEA personnel should ensure that the principal and a grade-appropriate teacher from Valley Center each receive an IEPt invitation.
    8. LEA staff chair and complete the written report of the IEPt meeting.
    9. It is the responsibility of the LEA personnel to obtain any necessary signatures on the IEPt report and to finalize all placement details including transportation.
    10. Once the student begins attending Valley Center, Valley Center staff are responsible for steps 2-10, when any further evaluation or IEPt meetings are necessary until the student is returned the LEA full time.