• Mission Statement & Philosophy


    Our Mission

    To support academic, social and emotional growth of students with emotional and behavioral challenges through collaboration with families, and school and community partners.
    Mission in Action
    The Valley Center community  provides classrooms and supports that use foundational structures to build positive relationships and consistent behavioral responses, while providing individualized instruction to each student in the areas of academics, behavior and social-emotional skills.


    Core Skills Focus

    Social and Emotional Skills — The process through which children and young adults acquire and apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain relationships, and make responsible decisions. 

    Academic Competency — Process of using knowledge and skills for reading and math at the level that aligns with their individual ability.

    Self Advocacy — The process of acting on one’s own behalf to identify and communicate one’s needs to make informed decisions about the supports necessary to meet those needs and improve their quality of life. 


    VCS provides:

    • A small, organized, consistent environment
    • Classrooms rich with positive relationship building structures
    • A trauma informed approach to education
    • Curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards
    • Extensive positive behavioral intervention and social emotional learning
    • Remedial and/or intensive instruction in language arts and mathematics
    • Access to art, technology and physical education experiences
    • Full access to support services as delineated in an IEP
    • Both credit and objective-based high school curriculum
    • Extensive public school transition and mainstreaming opportunities
    • Opportunities to practice social skills through school and community activities
    • Instruction in life skills
    • A blended approach to discipline including restorative justice practices
    • Collaborations with family physicians and community mental health supports