Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency

Celebrating 20 Years Online 1996-2016

Mission Statement & Philosophy
Valley Center School is committed to maximizing the individual achievement of students referred by local districts, enabling them to function successfully in the community. We accomplish this by providing a small, specialized environment and working with parents and the community.
We believe:
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Every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

square bullet Every individual can learn.
square bullet Learning enhances self-worth and self-worth enhances learning.
square bullet Everyone is unique.
square bullet Educational expectations need to be considered on an
individual basis.
square bullet In the value of individuality and diversity.
square bullet Learning is a lifelong challenge.
square bullet Students learn best when the home, school and community
work together.
VCS provides:
square bullet A small, organized, consistent environment.
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Extensive behavioral intervention and affective education.

square bullet Remedial and/or intensive instruction in core academic areas.
square bullet Access to physical, adaptive physical, prevocational and vocational education.
square bullet Both credit and objective-based high school curriculum.
square bullet Extensive public school transition and mainstreaming  opportunities.
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Opportunities to practice social skills through community activities.

square bullet Instruction in life skills.
square bullet Community involvement through service projects.
square bullet A full day of services every school day -- no out of school suspensions.