• Sending your Child to School

    Young girl Please dress your child in comfortable play clothes. Children's clothing must be easy for them to manage. Belts, buckles and snaps can become frustrating for preschoolers, so please keep this in mind. Children will be involved in messy activities such as painting, gluing, play dough, and sand/water play. Therefore, each child must have a change of clothes at school in case it is needed (shirt, pants, underwear, socks). Please label all clothing and keep sizes and seasons in mind.
    The best shoes for school are tennis or rubber soled shoes. Other shoes may be dangerous both in the classroom and outside. Please - no open-toed shoes. When your child wears boots to school, be sure to send shoes to wear in the classroom. When jewelry is worn by children to school, Head Start will not be responsible for items that are lost, broken or given away. Therefore, please leave all jewelry at home. 
    Outdoor Play
    Active play is an important part of your child’s development, and for this reason, we play outside every day! Outdoor play is part of our daily classroom routine. All children go outside to play unless it is too cold or raining. During the winter months, please make sure your child has a jacket, snow pants, boots, hat, and mittens. During sunny weather, make sure your child has sun-protective clothing. If your child needs sunscreen, please apply it before sending the child to school.
    Classroom RulesABC Poster
    Our classroom expectations:
    • Always be KIND
    • Be SAFE
    • CARE for the environment
    Toilet Training
    Toilet training is a normal process for children of this age, and we at Head Start understand that each child will learn this at their own pace.  Regardless of whether your child is toilet trained or not, we ask that parents send a complete change of clothing to school as accidents do happen.
    If your child soils him/herself at school, staff will change them and send home the soiled clothing. Please make sure to send another change of clothing to school the next day.
    If your child is experiencing problems with toilet training, we will work with you and your child. Since toilet training is a very important step in your child's development, we encourage you to take an active role to help make the experience a positive one.