• Health Requirements and Information

    Kalamazoo RESA Head start is committed to providing comprehensive health support to all families.

    Family Responsibilities
    • Obtain a Physical/Well Child exam within 30 calendar days of your child’s first day of school, which includes:
      • Growth Assessment
      • Hemoglobin
      • Hearing and Vision
      • Lead Screening
      • Up-to-date Immunizations

              Children who do not have an up-to-date Physical/Well Child exam within 30 calendar days of enrollment will be excluded from attending until an up-to-date exam is received.

    • Obtain a Dental Exam within 90 days of enrollment completed by a Dentist.
      • Unfortunately, dental screenings by a hygienist do not meet the requirements of a dental exam per Head Start requirements.
    • If your child has a chronic health condition, the following must be provided by a doctor, prior to attending school:
      • A treatment plan
      • Any required medication in its original container with prescription label
    • Provide documentation to program staff as your child obtains an updated Well Child Exam, Dental Exam, and 6 month teeth cleanings.

     Contact your Family Advocate or our health staff when a health concern or question arises.


    Program Responsibilities

    • Work with families to assist meeting the program health requirements.
    • Provide families with a folder to hold all important health and program documents.
    • Provide the following health services:
      • Hearing and Vision Screening
      • Hemoglobin Screening
      • Lead Screening
    • A Family Advocate will assist you in establishing a dental and/or medical home, if needed.
    • Communicate with you about opportunities to attend dental, hearing, and vision clinics. (Note: We encourage ALL families to take their child to these appointments as clinics are not guaranteed).
    • Coordinate follow-up treatment that may be required for health or dental needs, if needed.
    • Follow Doctor’s treatment plan and administer medication as directed by a doctor.


    All medications that need to be administered during school hours need to have a doctor’s order.  Medications must be in their original packaging with the prescription label on it.  Expired medications cannot be administered.


    Nutrition and healthy meals are a key element of your child’s experience at Head Start.  Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack are provided to your child depending on the time of day that they are in school.  Meals are provided by the local school district through the USDA’s Child and Adult Care Food Program.  Children will experience family style meals while at Head Start, which enable them to explore new foods, tastes and textures.