• Adult Living Skills

    The instructional activities of the Young Adult Program are dedicated to encourage and support independent living skills for all students. Based on student needs, interests, and transition goals, students and families are encouraged to identify ways to maximize independence at home. Through an emphasis on independence, respect, and safety, students participate in instruction that will support future independence in a home setting.
    Students engage in instruction related to:
    • Kylie cutting Cooking safety at home
    • responding to household emergencies
    • expected hygiene and grooming routines
    • creating a purposeful weekly schedule
    • identifying meaningful opportunities to engage in social connections
    • different housing/rental options
    • nutrition
    • preparing meals, portions and measurement
    • identifying household task/chores and frequency for completing
    • budgeting and paying bills 
    • use of checking and/or savings accounts

    Through instruction in these areas, students are expected to apply learned skills with the support of their family in their own home settings.