Implementing NGSX Into The Science Classroom view course/not available icon
What are the next steps in connecting key components of NGSX to your curriculum and instruction? This two day professional development series will provide teachers the opportunity to integrate the 3-Dimensional Learning into their curriculum and instruction. They will have the opportunity to professionally collaborate with peers at their grade span as well as K-12 content areas as they incorporate modeling, phenomena, productive talk and storyboarding into their classrooms.
Integration: Making the Math & Science Connection view course/not available icon
New Michigan Science Standards, now what? How do I find the time to teach Science? This workshop will focus on connecting the Michigan Mathematics Standards with the Michigan Science Standards for efficient and effective instruction. If you teach Math, Science or both, this professional development is for you. Participants will leave ready to implement strategies that integrate Math and Science, and provide deeper learning for their students.
NGSX: The Next Generation Science Exemplar- A Learning System for Science Instruction view course/not available icon
Teachers will learn about and develop models, and engage in evidence based argumentation and explanation, and explore classroom video cases, all designed to help students build their understanding and explanations of natural phenomena. Teachers will also learn about building a classroom culture of reasoning and arguing from evidence where students go public with their ideas, and build on the ideas of their classmates.
The Administrators' Role in the Implementation of the Michigan Science Standards view course/not available icon
Administrators will process a plan for assisting and supporting their educators, as they implement this new vision for Science education through their actions, policies and resources.
Writing Quality NGSS Assessments view course/not available icon
New standards, new instruction, now what about assessment? Participants in this series will examine assessment items that are Michigan Science Standards aligned. They will learn how to write assessments that are aligned with the 3-Dimensional vision of the Michigan Science Standards.
Career Readiness Roundtable Meeting view course/not available icon
The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the most appropriate approaches for all classrooms and students. This meeting will introduce participants to an array of career-readiness options that start with simple approaches in academic classrooms and extend to differentiated instructional practices.