Implementing the Science and Engineering Practices View offerings/not available icon
The Science and Engineering Practices are one dimension to the new three dimensional view of Science instruction. In this professional learning dig into the practices and tools that support their implementation into the classroom.
Leading the Charge in Science Education (MiSTEM Sponsored) View offerings/not available icon
This series is designed for Science Leaders in their building/district. In this PD you will be digging into the skills it takes to lead change in your position. Analyzing what would be beneficial to supporting your school improvement goals and crafting an implementation and data analysis plan would be created.
Leverage Phenomena to Increase Engagement View offerings/not available icon
Phenomena is the why of Science! This pd will have participants digging into the key features of anchoring and support phenomena. They will then create a plan for how to use phenomena with other best practice instructional strategies to increase student engagement and understanding in Science.