Leading the Charge in Science Education View offerings/not available icon
This series is designed for Science Leaders in their building/district. In this PD you will be digging into the skills it takes to lead change in your position. Analyzing what would be beneficial to supporting your school improvement goals and crafting an implementation and data analysis plan would be created.
Providing Instructional Leadership in Science Education View offerings/not available icon
The MSS call for a change in instruction for Science educators. In this workshop administrators analyze 3-Dimensional Science instruction and identify what strategies need to be built into their Science programs to support student growth. Through the use of video administrators will look at best practice instruction and utilize tools to provide feedback around 3-Dimensional Science instruction.
Writing Three-Dimensional Assessments in Science View offerings/not available icon
Participants in this two-day series will examine assessment items that are Michigan Science Standard aligned, and will learn how to write assessments that are aligned the 3-dimensional vision of the Michigan Science Standards.
Evolving your Curriculum toward Differentiated Projects View offerings/not available icon
This session will allow you time to work on a unit that you use in your classroom. Choose a unit according to one or more of the following guidelines: 1) A unit in which you would like to improve student motivation for learning. 2) A unit that contains standards/benchmarks that data indicates that student test scores need to be improved. 3) A unit that you would like to improve to be more dynamic for you to teach or more interesting and relevant for students to learn.