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  • Getting to know you
    Here's a chance to get to know your fellow employees, and learn more about the wonderful and diverse work we do at KRESA.

    Christine Mabie
    Mabie Christine

    Special Education Teacher

    Valley Center School, Middle School Classroom

    How long have you worked at Kalamazoo RESA?
    I just started working at Kalamazoo RESA in August of 2018. I had worked for 20 years at Delton Kellogg Middle School and 3 years for Battle Creek Public Schools prior to coming to KRESA.

    Briefly describe your time at Kalamazoo RESA:
    My goal is to help my students recognize the strengths and talents they have so they can see themselves as contributing members of society. I am challenged to teach them strategies for managing their feelings so they can get along with others and be socially appropriate.

    What is your favorite book, movie or TV show?
    The TV show Big Bang Theory is a favorite, because it makes me laugh out loud. I also love to watch This Is Us, which is a very emotional show.

    What's something people would be surprised to know about you?
    People might be surprised to know that even though I enjoy all genres of music, I especially enjoy rock and roll. My favorite classic rock band is Def Leppard. I still enjoy their music. Country music is a genre I am beginning to love, too.

    What inspires you most about working at Kalamazoo RESA?
    I am inspired by the dedication of those I work with. It is amazing to work in a place where we have all chosen to work with students with unique behavioral needs. It takes special people to love the students who can be so tough to work with. That’s what Valley Center is—a whole group of special people!