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REMC's Snap Media
Snap Media is our online ordering system. Through Snap Media we provide materials such as videos (DVD format), instructional kits, instructional technology items, assistive technology, and many other educational materials for your classroom use. 
If you do not have a SnapMedia login, please complete this account creation form. You may also call 269-250-9354 to talk with a REMC 12W Assistant.
About Lending Library | Hours and Location
Our lab and lending library is a place for Kalamazoo County educational staff to:
square bullet Try new materials with students. 
square bullet Borrow reference materials, software, books with props, switches, switch toys, mobility aids,
    communication devices, mounts and computer peripherals to use with students. 
square bullet Sensory Tools
square bullet Create materials to use with students.
If you are unable to locate a tool, resource, or material that you would like to use as a trial in your classroom with a student, please complete the form linked below to request the purchase of that NEW item.  Once the item is available in Snap Media, the requesting individual will be notified.
Why It Is Available
To provide Kalamazoo County educational staff with:
 square bullet A better opportunity to buy the most appropriate equipment and materials for students. 
 square bullet A readily accessible source to borrow equipment and materials for assessment purposes with
    students before making a purchase decision.
 square bullet A place to access otherwise unavailable supplies in order to make and adapt materials
    for students.
Available Equipment:
 square bullet Software   square bullet Sensory tools
 square bullet Computer peripherals
 square bullet Switch toys
 square bullet Mobility aids  square bullet Reference materials
 square bullet Supplies to adapt and create new materials square bullet Communication devices
 square bullet Switches square bullet Mounts
 square bullet iPads 
Search Snap Media to view a list of available equipment. 
If you can't find what you're looking for, we might be able to get a trial version. Contact us.