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Bids and Proposals

square bullet KRESA West Campus Classroom/Quiet Room Remodel

 Kalamazoo RESA and Tower Pinkster Titus Associates will accept sealed bids for the remodeling of the KRESA West Campus facility located at 4606 Croyden Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI  49006 before 11:00 AM local time on June 30, 2017.  Bids received after 11:00 AM will be returned unopened.

Sealed bids must be mailed or delivered in person before Friday, June 30, 2017 at 11:00 AM, local time, to Mr. Tom Zahrt, 1819 East Milham Avenue, Portage, MI 49002.  They will be opened publicly and read aloud in the Wile Auditorium at Kalamazoo RESA.  Late bids will not be accepted. 

A Pre-Bid Meeting will take place on Thursday, June 22, 2017, at 2:00 PM local time at the upper level of the KRESA West Campus Facility, 4606 Croyden Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI  49006.  The purpose is to consider questions posed by bidders and to tour the site and existing facilities.  This meeting is mandatory for all prime contract bidders.  No bid will be considered from a bidder that does not have a representative at this meeting.

Project Description:  Divide existing open office area into two classrooms and remodel two existing quiet rooms.

Bid Documents for a Stipulated Sum contract will be available June 14, 2017.  Electronic PDF copies can be obtained by request.  Contact the office of the Architect, Attn: Connie Riess, email criess@towerpinkster.com, or phone (269) 343-6133.

Bidders will be required to provide Bid security in the form of a surety bond, certified check, or cashier's check in the amount of 5 percent of the bid amount.  Performance and Payment bonds will be required.

All proposals shall be accompanied by a sworn and notarized statement disclosing any familial relationship (or lack of a relationship) that exists between the owner or any employee of the bidder and any member of the Board of Education of the Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency or the Superintendent of the School District; and a sworn and notarized Affidavit of Compliance-Iran Economics Sanctions Act. The District shall not accept a bid that does not include the sworn and notarized disclosure statements.

No bids may be withdrawn for a period of 30 days after submission.

The Owner reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, alternates, or proposals, and to accept those bids, alternates, or proposals that, in his judgement, serve his best interests.

Kalamazoo RESA is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program.

square bulletRFP for Procurement of Office Supplies

Kalamazoo RESA will be conducting an informal RFP for the procurement of office supplies.  The Excel file below contains items that are frequently ordered by our departments.  To participate in our informal RFP process simply fill in the price that you are willing to “freeze” for us for one year and return your completed Excel file along with the information requested below* by 3:30 pm on Friday, June 30, 2017. 

If there is an item on this list that your company does not supply, please feel free to enter in the same row as that item in columns following “D” your replacement item information. 

*Along with your bid, please provide information regarding minimum order requirements, delivery service frequency, and
any other discount program that you are willing to offer.  

Please contact Nancy Mihelich with any questions that you have at Nancy.mihelich@kresa.org.