• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    General Business Office

    When would I use a Petty Cash Slip and where do I get one?
    Petty cash is intended for smaller purchases that can't be made with a Purchase Order or Procurement card. The recommended amount or reimbursement is $20.00 but not to exceed $40.00 (with okay by Business Office only). Petty Cash Slips are available online.
    When are PO's, RFD's, etc. due to the Business Office to be processed for Accounts Payable?
    The   Accounts Payable Times Due Schedule is available online here.
    What is the process to get reimbursement from a customer?
    The Business Office sends out all invoices. Request for Billing Forms is available on our web site.
    How quickly can I get my Purchase Order processed?
    Purchase order requests will be processed by the Business Office every day. All requests in at the end of the day will be processed the following day.


    What is the current mileage rate for employees?
    The current mileage rate for employees is $0.67 as of 01/01/2024.
    If I waive insurance coverage, when will I receive my "in lieu of" payment?
    "In lieu of" payments are processed in the 1st pay in December and the 1st pay in June.
    I'm a 10-month employee. When will I receive my first paycheck for the school year?
    The second pay in September.
    Occasionally my paycheck is a few dollars less than usual. Could you explain the reason for that?
    The reason for the dollar amount change has to do with employee contributions to MIP, our retirement program.