Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency

Celebrating 20 Years Online 1996-2016

WoodsEdge Learning Center

1501 East Milham Avenue, Portage, MI 49002
Photo of main street at WoodsEdge
WoodsEdge Learning Center is a
special education center-based school
that provides service to all nine districts within Kalamazoo County.
Students who attend WoodsEdge Learning Center are between the ages of 3 and 26 years of age.
We are an innovative school dedicated to developing independence in our students.

A community without barriers.
Mission in Action

    1.  WE are committed to making sure that every student has a way to communicate.

    2.  WE allow students TIME to do things independently.

    3.  WE ask:  What am I doing for my students that they could do for themselves.

    4.  We use state of the art technology to foster independence. 

    5.  WE implement evidence based practices.

    6.  WE use a team approach.

    7.  WE recognize each student as a unique individual with unique strengths and needs.