• Education
    Our Curriculum
    square bullet Michigan Curriculum Framework: Extended Grade Level Content Expectations
    square bullet Curriculum Support to the Michigan Curriculum Framework: Participation and Supported Independence Level
    square bullet Unique Learning System 
    square bullet Teaching to Standards Science (Attainment Company) 
    square bullet Touch Math 
    square bullet Handwriting Without Tears 
    Types of Classrooms
    square bullet Autism spectrum disorder
    square bullet Early childhood special education
    square bullet Moderately cognitively impaired
    square bullet Severely cognitively impaired
    What We Teach 
    square bullet Academics
    square bullet Communication
    square bullet Social and play skills
    square bullet Personal care
    square bullet Daily living
    square bullet Mobility
    square bullet Sensory regulation
    square bullet Pre-vocational skills
    Special Classes/Therapy
    square bullet Adapted physical education (including swimming)
    square bullet Music therapy
    square bullet Physical therapy
    square bullet Occupational therapy
    square bullet Speech and language therapy