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2015-16 Intermediate School District Annual Website Report Public Act 413 of 2004 amended the Revised School Code by adding section 620 (MCL 380.620), which requires each intermediate school district (ISD/RESA) to post certain information on its website by December 31 of each year beginning in 2006. The required components of the report include information in the following categories:
A. General information (budget; pupils; employees; constituent districts, PSAs, nonpublic schools)
B. Travel
C. Contracts
D. Contract modifications
E. Salaries, expense accounts, and supplemental compensation
F. Fiber optic, cable equipment, and operating system software expenditures
G. Public relations, polling, lobbying and legal services
H. IRS tax form 1099s in excess of $25,000
I. Specific ISD expenditures
J. Motor vehicle information
To see the full report click here or on the above heading. If you have questions regarding our report please contact the superintendent's office at 269-250-9200.

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