• Kalamazoo RESA Foundation

    Helping all learners thrive

    To relive the sheer joy of education, just visit a kindergarten classroom.

    The children are excited about learning and the opportunities each new day brings. Their futures are like an open book, where no dream is too big.
    The Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency wants students to maintain that zeal for learning throughout school and into adulthood. We want them to have every opportunity to learn from the best, experience the most and reach their highest goals.

    That’s why we work hard to provide exceptional educational services to more than 34,000 students, their families and educators in Kalamazoo County’s school districts.

    The Kalamazoo RESA Foundation is here to support that mission. Its funds are dedicated to sustaining Kalamazoo RESA’s services, developing exemplary and innovative education programs, growing staff skills through professional development and supporting research and evaluation.

    Quote from Dave Campbell Beyond boundaries

    Giving to the Foundation shows you value education in the broadest sense: In public and private schools, for infants, for children with disabilities, for students at risk, for pre-kindergartners,  college-bound seniors, those seeking career/technical training, budding artists and job-seekers. The Foundation embraces all learners in Kalamazoo County, regardless of district. A donation makes a great tribute to a retiring teacher or school employee, or in memory of a loved one who was devoted to education.