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  • Collaboration • Innovation • Compassion • Trustworthy • Respect

    Posted by John Burns — SWMiTech on 7/26/2018
    So much food. Enough desserts for a year.
    Thank you to everyone who did the arranging, the set up, the communications, the food makers, and the gamers.
    Another great one in the history books.
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  • Collaboration • Innovation • Compassion • Trustworthy • Respect

    Posted by Kathleen Robertson — WELC Off-site D&HH on 5/30/2018

    Deaf and Hard of Hearing students are frequently the last children anyone thinks of when planning artistic events. Angie Melvin (EFA) has turned that typical view on its ear. She has consistently included our kids in all things artistic and brought several of KRESA's guest artists into our classrooms to teach our students how to express their creativity, and use it to build confidence in their own perspectives and "voice". The New Movement Forum which Angie organized, and so graciously invited our DHH students to, was proof that Arts Education makes everyone's life better. From shy, unsure kids, to students brave enough to drum, dance and improvise freely in front of a crowd, every child shone with confidence and talents they would never have realized without Angie's program and all of the wonderful teachers she has brought to us. Special nods to Tracy Soule, Brian Duguay, Heather Mitchell, and Mary Whalen for working with DHH and ASD students at Angling Road Elementary. You all are truly a brilliant gift to our kids. Thank you!!

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  • Innovation • Respect

    Posted by John Burns — MiTech on 5/29/2018

    Normally the building is very hot the first morning back from a long weekend. With the excessive heat from this past weekend — I was dreading the heat & humidity in the building as we returned from Memorial Weekend's 90+ degrees. Overwhelmed when I walked into our cube space to find coolness. Thank You Gary Wheeler (Maintenance)!

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  • Collaboration • Innovation

    Posted by Tom Zahrt — Human Resources on 5/14/2018

    I attended the STEM Showcase event and it was AWESOME! The students were great and so smart. It was great to see the students stretching their minds and fully engaged. I heard from teachers that they had great KRESA support so hats off to Deb Kohlberg and the whole EFE team (EFE) that hosts this great event!

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  • Collaboration

    Posted by Christi Craft — WoodsEdge Learning Center on 4/26/2018

    Thanks to Pat Simpson (WoodsEdge Learning Center) for always quietly swooping in and saving the day—and making work so much fun while do so!

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  • Collaboration • Innovation • Compassion • Trustworthy • Respect

    Posted by Diane Thompson — Transportation on 4/10/2018

    Thank you to Tara Kane and Barb Smalla (Human Resources) for all the help you provide year round to the transportation department. Your friendly interaction with the road test clients is a fantastic first impression of the services this organization provides to the community. You are greatly appreciated.

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  • Collaboration • Innovation • Compassion • Trustworthy • Respect

    Posted by Kalamazoo Covenant Academy on 4/9/2018

    We cannot express our gratitude for your hard work enough! After moving our computer based classrooms to a different floor in our building, we planned to go without access to our online curriculum for an undetermined amount of time. Kayley Wilson and her team (SWMiTech) went right to work and finished the job in just ONE week — far earlier than we'd ever imagined. We are so grateful to work alongside an IT team that cares so much about their work and goes the extra mile to assist the organizations they serve. THANK YOU SO MUCH KRESA!

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  • Collaboration • Compassion • Trustworthy • Respect

    Posted by Kathleen Robertson — Deaf/Hard of Hearing (WoodsEdge Offsite) on 3/19/2018

    Janelle King (D/HH) has been working very hard all year to be the Sub Hub for our program. She coordinates substitutes for other interpreters, often being pulled away from her schedule and travelling to other buildings to cover when needed. She has successfully coordinated the coverage for a staff of 13 interpreters, filling in the gaps with herself and one other interpreter who substitutes for us. Janelle has taken calls at all times of the day and night, an especially daunting task given this year's long and potent flu season. She has maintained the job with humor and aplomb. Thank you, Janelle King, for handling this duty for the good of our program!

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  • Collaboration • Innovation • Compassion • Trustworthy • Respect

    Posted by Lavoda Agnew — Head Start on 3/15/2018
    Thank you Jodi Johnson, Tereva Carter, Julie Tasker, Patrice Bowden, Meghan Glefke, Melody Ambs, Susie Shaw and Amber Pankey (Head Start)
    • for your collaboration - to provide during the recent spring conferences awareness to our HS families the need of much needed health requirements
    • for your innovation - to utilize the health report card follow-up questionnaire to help verify/update health providers for the programs administrative health team to obtain necessary records for current programming
    • for your compassion/relationship - with your parents to communicate the needs of health requirements for not only our program, but most importantly for their children
    • for your trustworthiness - Your ability to communicate with our families is amazing
    • for your respect - Simply put, your respect is amazing and I am grateful to work with all of you
    As a Head Start Team, we are on a roll to greatness to promote our families and to provide exemplary preschool education/which includes a healthy outcome for the children enrolled.
    I am simply grateful.
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  • Collaboration • Trustworthy • Respect

    Posted by Mandi Smith — Education for Employment on 2/28/2018

    I want to give a HUGE shout out to everyone at The Print Center (Amy Simmons, Kelly Speck, Gary Hubbard, Mark Crawford, Don Wiersma and Marah Vanfulpen)! I sometimes have unusual jobs or big jobs for them, and they do an amazing job and always have the materials to me when requested. They are always friendly and understanding and the work that they do is top notch. Thanks Print Center!

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