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    Posted by Mark Dersch — SWMiTech on 12/5/2018

    Recently a district suffered a campus wide internet outage due to a rodent chewing up the fiber optic cables in a network closet. The network team immediately responded, identified the problem and started the standard procedure getting a fiber repair contractor scheduled. Well, we now have a team member that has years of experience/expertise in fiber optic installation and repair in the Air Force. Given the specifics of this situation Shawn Buelow (SWMiTech) recognized that MiTech could save time and money by purchasing the equipment and materials needed to do the repair ourselves. He was able to get pricing, approval, have the order overnighted, successfully repair and restore service, and train another team member how to do the repair faster and cheaper than it would have been to have a contractor do it. This is a real game changer for the network team in terms of fiber infrastructure capabilities, outage restoration timeliness, and cost savings. Shawn Buelow exemplified our department values by finding a better way, leading the way, taking us there, and working together.
    Great work Shawn Buelow!

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