• Frequently Asked Questions


    Is there a charge for a hearing testing?

    No. Kalamazoo County school-aged children can receive a free hearing test if they are referred by school personnel (teacher, school psychologist and/or speech pathologist).

    When will the test results be available?

    The audiologist will review the results with the parent/guardian at the time of the testing. In addition, test results can be sent to the child’s physician, school or other professionals at the request of the parent/guardian.

    What are signs of hearing loss in a child?

    Hearing loss is not always apparent. Hospitals in the United States routinely perform hearing screening on infants within the first 48 hours after birth. However, sometimes infants who pass the hearing screening at birth may show signs of hearing loss as they get older. Signs of hearing loss in children can include:
    • Inconsistent responses to sounds
    • Wanting the television or radio volume louder than other members of the family
    • Frequently asking for repetition or often asking "What?"
    • Difficulty paying attention
    • Speech and language delays
    • Poor academic performance
    If you have any concerns regarding a child's ability to hear, do not hesitate to have the child's hearing tested. It is never a waste of time for an audiologist to report that a child has normal hearing.