• Youth Advancement Academy


    The mission of the Youth Advancement Academy is to provide a high quality education and life skills for all students.

    Beliefs and Values

    We welcome and promote:
    • High expectations for high achievement in everything we do.
    • A nurturing environment where everyone receives and gives respect.
    • The expectation that all students can learn and succeed academically.
    • That conflict can be resolved nonviolently. 
    • A shared vision and actions to promote student performance.


    Youth Advancement Academy’s vision is to have all students graduate from a referring school or Youth Advancement Academy.


    Educational Partnerships Inc.

    Our mission is to provide a high quality education and life skills for all students.

    Philosophy and Approach

    We believe in the transformational power of education and embrace a philosophy that values each student as an individual who can and wants to learn.
    Our approach honors the choice students make to attend class, enables them to recognize their ability to learn, and celebrates and builds on their successes. These values transform students’ outlook on learning, helping them develop self-esteem and envision new opportunities for their future.


    Through one-on-one instruction in a positive, welcoming environment, teachers guide and encourage students through the process of making positive choices to achieve academic success and become productive citizens.
    Coursework is completed in a technology-rich setting, which provides students with immediate feedback and helps them become familiar with tools they will use in a post-secondary school or the workplace. All YAA students follow Individualized Achievement Plans (IAPs), which are tailored to the specific educational needs of each student.
    Students are empowered to set goals, develop a plan to achieve those goals and take responsibility for the choices they make. As a result, students have greater accountability for their learning and begin to make better choices — in and outside the classroom.

    Educational Partnerships Inc. Mission Statement

    To provide a personalized educational plan that is data-based and provides educational services for non-traditional learners in collaboration with families, the community, and public school districts.

    Program Description

    • Students will be involved in a smaller classroom setting on a flexible schedule, which allows time for family and work responsibilities.
    • Follow a prescribed learning path in a technology-rich environment
    • Work in a small classroom setting and receive one-on-one attention
    • Avoid typical classroom distractions
    • Develop meaningful relationships with teachers who care about them and can help them succeed.
    • Collaborate on group projects and learning activities guided by staff
    • Participate in community service projects as well as required volunteer and/or work study hours.