• Hoops and Screens

    Hoops and Screens is the Work-Based Learning classroom at the Juvenile Home Schools, Youth Center School.  Our focus is to teach students about the soft and hard skills associated with employment and extend the classroom into the workplace, connecting acquired knowledge and skills to a student’s future employment.

    Our goal is to have students begin to recognize the soft skills of employment and how their work ethic, communication, time management, team work, accepting criticism, flexibility, working under pressure and problem-solving skills work together to create the ideal employee.  Through teaching employability skills students will realize the relevance of their education and apply acquired knowledge in a meaningful way. 

    Some of the hard skills of employment we cover are writing resumes and cover letters, filling out an application, reading direction, typing and math.  Students will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Corel Draw, Microsoft Word as well as Design Shop to create designs/logos for clients.

    The Work-based learning activities extend the classroom into the workplace, connecting acquired knowledge and skills to a student‘s future employment. 

    • Communicate effectively in a range of working contexts (oral & written)
    • Work as a productive member of a team
    • Manage working time showing an ability to prioritize, plan and keep to deadlines
    • Demonstrate commitment and initiative in a range of working situations
    • Use software for its intended purpose.
    • Relate knowledge or theory from their studies to a workplace situation
    • Apply knowledge in supporting and training of new students to the classroom.

    Students are given a basic design, print or an idea and then will create a vector image of the design.  Staff will help the students with finalizing the design, colors and size.  We then get the design approved by the client. Then the students create the media on which the design will be placed.  They print, fold, check for quality and then pack the merchandise for the client.  We ship via REMC as well as UPS.

    We have worked with the Kalamazoo Diocese, St. Joseph and St. Phil schools in Battle Creek, KRESA, Open Roads, Kalamazoo Public Schools, Catholic Heart Work Camp, Counsel for Exceptional Children, Special Olympics, Optimist Club of Kalamazoo and Project Search to name a few.

    For more information on what products we offer, please contact Eric Dial, eric.dial@kresa.org, or Laura Draper, laura.draper@kresa.org.  You can also visit our website at http://hoopsandscreens.imprintableapparel.com/ to browse the type of apparel we print on.