Work Continues in Three Locations

Posted by Tom Harwood on 8/8/2016

West Campus Renovation Update

As we move into the month of August, we have now been working on this project for almost two months. We are in the final stages of the project where most of the mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and framing has now been completed. In some areas, the drywall is going up and the spaces are becoming more recognizable. Over the next few weeks, the final finishing touches will take place as they work to mud, sand, and paint the walls. They will also begin putting the remaining flooring and tile in the playrooms, bathrooms, and classrooms. This is the crunch time to have the project completed and ready for the start of school. On the outside of the building, the student/bus drop off area has taken great shape. The next step is to put the final cement pavement down for completing the walkway and put down the asphalt for the drive. A significant amount of work is being done each day to get us closer to a completed project that will best serve the students and staff at West Campus.

Head Start and YOU South Street Parking Lot Repair

On Monday, August 8th, the parking lot at the South Street site was torn apart and removed by heavy equipment. With each section of the old parking lot removed, it is with great excitement that we will have a future parking lot with minimal waves and cracks that has historically collected water, creating puddles and ice. I appreciate the patience of the staff at the South Street location as they coordinate parking at an offsite spot to accommodate the work necessary for this project. As the next few weeks will require adjustment, the final outcome of a great parking lot will be worth it. Also, David has done a nice job on the outside to freshen up the garage and railings to have a new look that will match the parking lot. Thank you, David and the maintenance crew for all your assistance in the hard work to get that garage painted.

REMC Innovation Center 

At the KRESA Service Center lower level, there are some major renovations and modifications to REMC that includes the addition of a REMC Innovation Center. In alignment with the awesome services and support of REMC both at the KRESA Service Center and with our local school districts, a new REMC Innovation Center has been developed to support instructional staff in their pursuit of projects, materials, and activities that engage student learning. This REMC Innovation Center is intended to provide an environment that is conducive to creative thinking and exploration of ideas that enhance learning opportunities with 21st century technological learning tools. With the coordinated effort of many individuals in REMC, Technology Department, and Maintenance, this project is coming to life and will be a showcase for many to advance their skills and instructional practices.