Making Progress in Many Areas

Posted by Tom Harwood on 6/20/2016 8:00:00 AM

West Campus Renovation Update

As the school year winds to a close at West Campus, the construction work will be going into full renovation mode over the summer.  With the incredible support of the staff in preparing for this transition, the first phase of moving staff to the upper level conference area began on Tuesday, June 14th.  The office furniture was broken down and then reassembled in the new location.  We continue to finish the electrical and technology drops to connect all of the equipment in the new locations and we intend to have this completed no later than next Monday.  

While this work has been taking place, the gym area has also gone through some initial modifications that include a retrofit of updated mechanical HVAC system for that area.  The floor tile is currently being removed in preparation for the new playroom and office area. 

Once the lower level has been fully cleared, the major construction work will begin with building and renovating the area for 4 new classrooms and making improvements in the Head Start classrooms and bathroom entrance areas.  

In coordinating this renovation, there are 9 subcontractors working collaboratively and timely to finish this project.  In addition to these 9 subcontractors, we are working closely with our contracted technology cabling consultants, furniture contractors, Tower Pinkster (architecture), and Miller-Davis (construction consultants).  We are also fortunate to have the assistance and guidance of our maintenance/custodial crew and our technology staff to facilitate further support of coordination and implementation of this complex project.  In all, there are a large number of staff both internally and externally who are working extremely hard to obtain a very positive outcome at the conclusion of this project.  

We are also working to change the signage throughout the building to color code different programs that are available in the building. As we move programs and we have more visitors in the building, our signage will also improve to provide assistance.  


YOU/Head Start South Street Parking Lot

This summer, the parking lot at the South Street site will get a new facelift.  As much as we have come to learn to adapt with the many unique aspects of the parking lot (swimming pool, ice skating rink, roller coaster effect?), we will be tearing out this lot over the summer to replace it with a new smoother surface that allows for proper drainage and support.  We will be drafting the bid specifications very soon and seek bids for this project.  


KRESA Beautification

A big thank you goes out to the team that assisted in pulling weeds, removing overgrown shrubs, planting flowers, and placing mulch in the front and back areas of KRESA Service Center.  The new mulch and flowers bring a much needed color and softening of the building to make it more inviting and comfortable.  There is still more work to be done to finish the work around the KRESA Service Center both inside and out.  This project will continue to take place over the summer.  Keep an eye out for additional improvements around the building.   The Beatification committee will continue to meet as we review further improvements and changes.


REMC Innovation Center

With the help and guidance of our REMC staff and Instructional Technology team, we have been making renovations to the REMC at KRESA Service Center.  The REMC Innovation Center will be a place where instructional staff can come and learn about how to assist and develop materials to provide support to students in a project-based learning environment.  As we work to increase the learning and engagement of our students across the region, our REMC and Instructional Technology team are changing the footprint at KRESA to afford for a new landscape for student learning.  This renovation will set the stage for an atmosphere where instructional materials continue to be readily available with an extension of this resource.  With the help of the REMC staff, Instructional Technology staff, and Maintenance/Custodial staff, this project should be completed by the end of July and be ready for supportive training to occur prior to the start of school.  

These are the highlights for now.  Continued information will be provided as we go forward through this site and through the Leadership Stew. Please stay connected as we work on these renovations this summer.  Thank you for taking the time to review the update.