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    When to Refer:

    • When a pattern of absenteeism is noticed by school personnel and the parent has been notified that a referral will be made if attendance does not improve. (Two or three days a week for four weeks might be considered a pattern.)
    • When school personnel feels the absence is excessive and/or interfering with the student's achievement and the parent has been contacted as above. (The parent may excuse the child; but if the parent does not present doctor's statements, the school may feel that the excuses are not legitimate. Even if the parent presents doctor's statements to the school, the statements may be so numerous that the school may feel some form of neglect is involved.)
    • When there is a special circumstance that a building administrator considers to be serious enough to warrant a truancy referral and the parent has been contacted.
    • When a student under 18 leaves the district and the school is unable to locate the student.
    • Prior to the student having lost credit.
    • When to refer is always a local decision and we are willing to review and discuss your referral. In our opinion, the worst thing a district can do about attendance problems is nothing.