• General Creation Digital Tools

    Google and Zoom


    Interactive Lecture Tools

    Collaborate with Your Students


    School to Home Communication Tools

    • Remind (Class Text Alerts — for parents and/or students)
    • Bloomz (Classroom Information Feed — protected website, has special parent login too)
    • Loom (Send video messages instead of text)


    Interactive Assessment Activities

    • GoFormative (Formative assessments — personalize or differentiate)
    • Socrative (Formative assessments — personalize or differentiate)
    • Wizer Me (Create interactive online worksheets)
    • Kahoot! (Create a quiz game for class)


    Video Editing 

    • WeVideo (Free school accounts)

    Interact and Share Content


    Online Annotation Tools

    • Hypothesis (Add annotations to text)
    • Video Ant (Add annotations to videos, works with YouTube)


    Create Videos, Animation and Games