• Required Paperwork

     Required paperwork for Pre-K registration is as follows:

    square bullet Pre-K Application (You can fill it out online or you can download a hard copy | Para Español)
    square bullet Birth Certificate or other proof of age
    square bullet Proof of County Residency (driver’s license, utility bill, lease/mortgage agreement, currently
       homeless, a written letter from the shelter where you are living)
    square bullet Verification/documentation of all family income (parents/guardians supporting child) must include
       the last 12 months of income.

      - Last year's tax return (preferred)
      - Year to date paystub
      - Proof of receipt of public assistance/food stamps/ WIC/child care assistance
      - Proof of receipt of SSI
      - College scholarships

    All information must be received before eligibility can be determined. All of the information collected is required by state or federal preschool guidelines.  Your information will help us to determine your child’s proper placement.  Your information can be mailed or delivered to:
    Kalamazoo RESA
    Attn: Enrollment
    422 E. South Street
    Kalamazoo, MI 49007
    or fax to 269-250-9868 
    or e-mail to hsenroll@kresa.org