• Technology Readiness Incentive Grant (TRIG)
    Southwest Michigan Consortium 
  • Current information
    Category 3 Activity Winners

     i Activity 1 (E-Rate/Project Management) - Genesee Consortium
     ii Activity 2 (Technology Readiness Planning Pilot) - Kent ISD Consortium
     iii Activity 3 (Classroom Readiness/Professional Development) - Genesee Consortium
     iv Activity 4 (Purchase Pilot) - Rural Northern Michigan Consortium
     v Activity 5 (Education Achievement Authority (EAA) School Technology Readiness Pilot) - NONE
     vi Activity 6 (Data System Integration Infrastructure Pilot) - Wexford Missaukee
     vii Activity 7 (Digital Assessment Pilot) - Intra Michigan Tech Readiness Consortium
    CAT 4 - Complete application by March 20, 2013
     i In MEGS+ complete CAT 4 application by March 20, 2013?
     ii Agree to complete a survey about SIS (why is this important?)
     iii Choose the Southwest Michigan Consortium from drop down menu
     iv Agree to the revised Category 1 requirements
     v Indicate the percentage of monies spent in 5 categories
     1 Network services off SMC
     2 Computer/device purchasing pilot (Category Three, Activity Four)
     3 In-building wireless connectivity
     4 Technology Readiness Planning (Category Three, Activity Two)
     5 Online/Digital Assessment