• State Continuing Education Clock Hours


    Formerly State Board-Continuing Education Units (SB-CEUs)

    The new Administrative Rules have eliminated the term “State Board Continuing Education Units” (SB-CEUs).  In place of SB-CEU credits, educators will earn “state continuing education hours” and “clock hours” for renewal purposes.  The Office of Professional Preparation Services will be combining these two terms into one – “State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs)” for renewal credits previously known as SB-CEUs.  Instead of earning SB-CEUs, an educator will earn SCECHs.
    The new SCECHs will be awarded through the Secure Central Registry (SCR) and the online evaluation is still required.  SB-CEUs earned previously within the appropriate time period can still be used for renewal.  The Secure Central Registry will now show your credits in Hours.  For conversion purposes, SB-CEUs x 10 equal the clock hours earned.  
    Certificate Type   Requirements
    School Psychologist, School Guidance Counselor, School Administrator These certificates require renewal every five years.  The renewal requirement includes the completion of six semester hours of appropriate coursework through an approved institution, 150 SCECHs, or a combination of these.  School administrators are required to complete six semester hours, 150 SCECHs, or a combination of the two every five years for continued employment.
    Professional Education and Occupational Education These certificates require renewal every five years.  The renewal requirement includes the completion of six semester hours of appropriate coursework through an approved institution, 150 SCECHs, district provided professional learning, or a combination of all three.
    Provisional Certificate (renewed after September 1, 2013 This certificate requires renewal every three years, maximum of 2 renewals.  The renewal requirement includes the evidence that he or she has earned since the issuance of the certificate:  6 semester credit hours in a planned program at an approved teacher preparation institution or 150 clock hours of state continuing education in approved professional learning activities appropriate to the grade level and content endorsement(s) of the certificate that he or she holds or a combination of semester credit hours and state continuing education hours; or that he or she holds an earned master’s or higher degree in areas appropriate to kindergarten to grade 12 teaching.
    Secure Central Registry (SCR) Information

    View instructions on your Secure Central Registry (SCR) Account/Profile for SCECHs/SB-CEUs.

    All SCECHs/SB-CEU earned after January 1, 2010 will be awarded to educators and administrators via a Secure Central Registry (SCR).  Once uploaded to the SCR, participants will receive an email directing them to the web address to complete a personal account and evaluation.

    The requirements for your personal account will be a valid email address and a Personal Identification Code (PIC).  The PIC is distributed by the Registry of Educational Personnel (REP).  Contact your administrator or Human Resources Department in your home district for your PIC number.

    After completion of the personal account, participants follow the instructions to complete a required evaluation of the offering.  After the evaluation is completed, SCECHs/SB-CEUs will be awarded and listed on an unofficial transcript.

    NEW: Participants have up to 1 year after the program is uploaded to complete the personal account and evaluation.  If not completed within 1 year, the program will close and you will forfeit the SCECHs/SB-CEUs for that program.
    Additional Information
    Participants cannot earn more than nine SCECHs/SB-CEUs in any one category during a five year period.

    This means you can submit credit for three School Committees within a five year period, three School Improvement Teams within a five year period and mentor/supervise one teacher three times within a five year period (mentoring/supervising teacher each semester counts as one time.)
    For participants to earn SCECHs/SB-CEUs, they must attend the entire program as required by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).  This means attending all sessions according to the approved schedule including arriving on time and remaining for the duration of each session.  The MDE and KRESA review all programs and monitor attendance.  Program planners determine the method for documenting attendance.  It is the responsibility of each participant that their attendance has been documented.  Failure to comply with program requirements, including attendance, will result in disallowance of SCECHs/SB-CEU credit.