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Kalamazoo RESA to Provide Success Coaches for Employees

Kalamazoo RESA has partnered with Michigan Works! Southwest and the Southwest Michigan Employer Resource Network (SWERN) to provide employees with access to confidential resource opportunities.
SWERN strives to connect people with resources for employee success at work and in life, and Kalamazoo RESA is happy to extend the services to its employees.
“We are really excited to make available this new, wonderful resource for our staff members,” said Tom Zahrt, assistant superintendent, and director of human resources and communications at Kalamazoo RESA. “By providing this outside resource, we hope people are then able to perform at their best for the people we serve, come to work and feel a little bit better about life.”
Through SWERN, a Success Coach can offer guidance and connection to resources regarding reliable work transportation, reliable childcare, credit counseling or budgeting assistance, as well as personal, marital or family counseling and more.
Additionally, the Success Coach can direct an employee to classes such as: Basic Computer Skills, Computer Applications, English as a Second Language, GED Classes, Leadership and Problem Solving, Math Proficiency and Technical Training.
Not only does the program facilitate access to these impressive resources, but it offers confidentiality protection options as well.
“We understand that life happens, and whether it’s a broken-down car, unreliable childcare, financial struggles or any other issue that our staff may be dealing with, we also understand that they don’t always want us to know the specifics regarding their business.
We are happy to support employee access to Success Coach Karen Sheerin, who can help steer people to possible solutions to their problems,” explained Zahrt.
For more information about SWERN, or to talk with a Success Coach, call Karen Sheerin at 269-718-5698, or email