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    KRESA Print Center is a full-service printing department with capabilities from design, print, and delivery for all your school and nonprofit publication needs.
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    Customer Service

    Everyone in the Print Center is considered service representatives, but our "official" customer service representatives are the best. They will help you in producing the most cost-effective, time-efficient products. They have all the information on pricing and scheduling. They'll even help you pick out what paper would be best for your publication. They're the experts in finding solutions to your printing needs! Need information? Contact KRESA Print Center Customer Service by email at printcenter@kresa.org or call 269-250-9350.
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    Graphic Art

    Our graphics staff will help you achieve your desired effects for any design, layout, logo, etc. They will give any publication a professional and unique look, and will meet with you to consult about your ideas and design needs. For more information, contact the Print Center Customer Service or call 269-250-9350.


    KRESA Print Center is here to save your district or organization money. We have many years of experience in our printing department. Our printers will take your jobs and use our state of the art digital printing equipment or off-set presses to provide you with fast, quality work. Color printing and copying is also available! If you would like an estimate on your printing job, or more information please email the Print Center Customer Service or call 269-250-9350.


    Our great bindery staff will cut, collate, staple, fold, number, perforate, and bind your jobs. It is their goal to get your job done as quickly as possible without sacrificing any quality along the way. We package your print job and get it to you right away, either by KRESA Print Center van or via FedEx. You are also welcome to pick up your order in the Customer Pickup area in our bindery.