• 2017-2018 Transportation Supervisor
    Mandated Continuing Education Training
    We have been informed that the 2017-2018 Transportation Supervisor Mandated Continuing Education Part One program will be approved and available during the late fall or winter of 2017. We will contact you with a group email and you are welcome to check this site for class date announcements.
    The Mandated Transportation Supervisor Training will be offered in a two part 3 hour training format totaling 6 hours of training located through an on line website or as a class at Kalamazoo RESA Service Center in the Wile Auditorium at 1819 E. Milham Portage MI 49002-3035. New transportation supervisor must first complete the Beginning Bus Driver Class before they can enroll into the Mandated Continuing Education class, per section 257.1851 of P.A. 187.
    This training must be completed no later than 9/30/2018. Part One of the Mandated Supervisor Training schedule is still in development. We hope to have class date announcements on this site in late 2017. Classes will also be available on line. On line instructions will be posted as soon as the website development is complete.


    Michigan and Federal Website Addresses & Resources available- click here

    You must complete Part One and Part Two to successfully complete the 6 hours of supervisor continuing education before 9/30/2018. Both Part 1 and Part 2 were offered in a classroom setting and as an independent web training.