• Motorcycle Skills Testing

    Motorcycle skills tests will resume in April please email Kathy for an appointment at kjycochran@yahoo.com or call 269-906-0780
    Motorcycle Operator Manual
    Information about wearing the right gear, checking equipment and more from the Secretary of State office. Download using the link below.
    Skills Testing Info
    For your convenience, a PDF document with all the information on this page is available for download.

    The examiner offers appointments during business hours on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. Weekend appointments are not available. The appointments are conducted at Kalamazoo Central High School located at 2432 N Drake Rd Kalamazoo MI 49006 towards the south end of the parking lot. The test is canceled if the asphalt is wet from rain or snow.
    The Secretary of State’s publication Michigan Motorcycle Operators Manual describes the skills test requirements. Please visit www.michigan.gov/sos. In the Site map record Verbal for 2 wheel and view testing information. 
    • The parking lot must be dry to conduct the appointment.
    • No credit is available once the skills test begins. The test generally takes 20-30 minutes to complete.
    • If your documents or motorcycle do not meet state requirements you are not eligible to test.
    • If you have failed the motorcycle skills test basic control skills in the past 24 hours, you are not eligible to test.
    • Adults 18 or older are required to take a Motorcycle Safety Course if they fail the Motorcycle Skills Test twice.
     All Applicants Must Bring the Following:
    • The $40.00 fee payable to Kalamazoo RESA by check, money order or the exact amount in cash.
    • A legible Temporary Instruction permit issued by the Secretary of State and your Michigan Driver’s License.
    • A safety approved helmet.
    • Valid motorcycle registration and current proof of insurance (please check dates of insurance).
    • A motorcycle that is in safe working order. The motorcycle should be one you are familiar with and used during your practice sessions. The examiner may stop the test for equipment defects if the defects are specifically prohibited by law, or if the condition of the vehicle would endanger the safety of its rider.
    Some of the equipment that will be checked at your appointment includes:
    Brakes | Handlebars | Muffler | Horn | Mirror | Permanently Attached Seat | Lights (head lamp, rear lamp, stop lamp, turn signals)