• Regional Transportation and Safety Institute (RTSI)

    The Regional Transportation and Safety Institute, (RTSI), is a consortium of 9 intermediate school districts in south and southwest graphic of bus Michigan. The Institute provides pupil transportation training and management consulting services to 140 member public and private school districts employing 2,500 school bus drivers.

    The required basic driver training program is delivered
    to approximately 250 drivers annually. Three training sites have been established throughout the region to more efficiently and conveniently serve our members. Each year nine basic driver training classes are scheduled.

    RTSI provides continuing education driver training activities
    as required by law and as requested by member districts. Continuing education training programs are presented through the statewide training curriculum or are developed in concert with local districts catering specifically to their pupil transportation needs. The materials for bus driver training programs were developed under a grant by the Michigan Department of Education.

    Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency (Kalamazoo RESA) has a private/public sector training partnership with the Eaton Corporation. The partnership and the training are unique. Drivers receive hands-on defensive and precision driving instruction and practice. The relationship between Kalamazoo RESA and the Eaton Corporation is the longest running active cooperative private/public sector education venture in the nation.

    Consortium members also receive management consulting and information dissemination services. Telephone and on-site visitations are made by staff to assist district superintendents, business managers, and supervisors meet fleet management, operation, and planning needs.
    Kalamazoo RESA is a Third Party Tester for the Michigan Department of State and provides Commercial Drivers License (CDL) skills tests for school bus drivers, private companies, and individuals. Services include automobile skills testing for Graduated Driver's Licenses (GDL) and Motorcycle endorsements. All tests are by appointment and require the applicant provide the testing vehicle.