1. Current FBA - in Powerschool
    2. ABC Data
    3. Current PBSP - in Powerschool
    4. 4-6 Weeks of Data - on PBSP
    Additional Requirements
    • Student needs to be special education eligible
    • If dramatic attendance issues are present, local needs to address this prior to an IST request
    The local building/district can count on IST members to:
    • Observe and coach the team on positive behavior supports & strategies
    • Develop an action plan for the student
    • Work collaboratively with staff to implement the action plan
    • Attend meetings regarding the action plan and implementation
    • Assist the local team in data collection methods
    • Develop an exit plan – while maintaining student success
    • Share all documents created with the building secretary to scan into the student's CA-60
    • FBA and PBSP consultation
    IST Members Do NOT:
    • Discuss change of placements
    • Act as paraprofessionals