• Volunteering

    We are looking for community volunteers to take part in the Reading Mentorship Program as part of the United Way Early Reading Grant. Through this mentorship program, you will volunteer on a weekly basis as a reading mentor and will participate in reading activities with your mentee, which will be a student in preschool, kindergarten or first grade. Please read the Reading Mentorship Program information below if you are interested in volunteering:
    Our Goal: To provide consistent support as a trusted mentor, for a student who will benefit from additional time practicing literacy skill activities and ultimately, a love for reading.
    Time Requested: Sessions can vary from 20-60 minutes per week.
    Place: Galesburg-Augusta Primary School, Comstock North Elementary School and Comstock Green Meadow Elementary.
    Training Provided: Training will be provided through Kalamazoo RESA and will include: how to support a reading activity with your reading buddy, how to manage student behavior, and how to participate as a valued mentor. In addition to the training all volunteers will be asked to participate in a mandatory background check.
    Time Commitment: A weekly appointment will be coordinated between you, the mentor, and the classroom teacher. We would prefer if you could commit to a semester or the entire 2017-2018 school year.  
    Volunteers: Anyone in the community! (Including parents and family members)
    If you are interested in participating in this valuable Reading Mentorship Program, please fill out the application below
    If you have not been a volunteer before, please fill out a background check form:

    Please return completed forms to Ethan Alexander or by email at ethan.alexander@kresa.org.