Social Studies
Career and Educational Options After High School view course/not available icon
How do we talk with students about educational options during and after high school? What options are available and how do core academics play a part in the selection process? Participants will be introduced to the terminology we need to use with students and will broaden their scope of knowledge on adding more educational options to their discussions with students.
Differentiating and Personalizing Instruction in Classrooms view course/not available icon
Participants will be introduced to the research and value of personalizing instruction, to strengthen student engagement in core academic topics. We will explore methods for differentiating instruction according to personal interests and career ideas of students. Participants will be able to modify an existing classroom lesson or unit to develop their own ideas. Methods for pre and post testing will be discussed as an evaluation of new practices.
Externship at Wings Stadium view course/not available icon
This externship will look at an array of career options and career mobility within sports arenas as well as demonstrate how academic content in math, science, language arts and social studies are needed by workers. Professional sports player is the ?most-selected job choice for students across the county but this is not the only great career in the sports industry. This experience will help educators communicate with students how academic content is applied in the world of work.