School Improvement 
Developing a “Growth Mindset” Culture with Instructional Best Practices View offerings/not available icon
This 3 part series will center around the principal's role in the development of building systems to identify and support instructional best practices, instill a growth mindset with your staff, and embrace a collective philosophy of continuous improvement.
Greater Kalamazoo Alternative & Innovative Programs Network View offerings/not available icon
We invite you to join a cross-county network of administrators from Kalamazoo and surrounding counties to participate in networking, engage in relevant professional learning, and gain insight and awareness of other programming and resources available to you.  This FREE participant-directed professional development opportunity includes area administrators of innovative and alternative programs, and all are welcome to attend!
Guided School Improvement: Practical Planning for Effective Implementation View offerings/not available icon
This three-part series will provide participants the opportunity to develop and review strategies, tools and resources to enhance their school improvement processes. Sessions will provide updates on federal and state guidance and requirements; and engage school teams in data analysis, research investigation and collaborative action planning to support the continuous improvement process (These are 1/2 day sessions).
Maximizing Student Engagement by Embracing Data-Based Culture View offerings/not available icon
We looked at our data... now what? This session will include support around one of the foundational elements of a Multi- Tiered System of Support: effective data meetings. Learn how to increase student engagement and the effectiveness of interventions and support structures through the use of data dialogues and data protocols, triangulation of data to complete the picture, and the development of processes and systems that create and sustain student engagement, momentum, and (ultimately!) student
Principals of Southwest Michigan View offerings/not available icon
We invite you to connect with over 40 elementary and middle school principals in the KRESA area as we create a network that will enhance the experience our students and teachers receive in our region’s schools.
Planning Your K-12 Career Program View offerings/not available icon
Participants will work with an approach where the reliance is on the synergy of many people touching the career planning model in simple ways. Whether your district assigns this topic to Family and Consumer Science (FCS) teachers, counselors or other teachers, you will learn about many possibilities for infusing careers into each school building.
Evolving your Curriculum toward Differentiated Projects View offerings/not available icon
This session will allow you time to work on a unit that you use in your classroom. Choose a unit according to one or more of the following guidelines: 1) A unit in which you would like to improve student motivation for learning. 2) A unit that contains standards/benchmarks that data indicates that student test scores need to be improved. 3) A unit that you would like to improve to be more dynamic for you to teach or more interesting and relevant for students to learn.