School Improvement 
MiSchoolData ~ The New School Year View offerings/not available icon
Designed to provide an overview of the back end administration for technical administrators of the MISchoolData portal. Explore user roles, administration, MILogin 3rd Party, and FERPA/HIPAA as it relates to creating and maintaining secure users.
MiSchoolData ~ What is it all about View offerings/not available icon
Come on a guided tour of the recently redesigned MISchoolData portal. Navigation, functionality, reporting, access, and technical updates will be provided in this guided tour of the K-12 area of the portal based on the Educator Persona.
MiSchoolData Dives for School Improvement Teams View offerings/not available icon
This session will focus on the connections between the MISchoolData and MICIP, and the features, functionality, and connections between and among data for continuous improvement.
MiSchoolData Exploring the School Index, AER, and Accountability View offerings/not available icon
This session will examine annual reporting and review of School Index, Annual Education Report, and Accountability within MISchoolData.
MiSchoolData for School Leaders View offerings/not available icon
Come on a guided tour of the recently updated MISchoolData site, with a spotlight on the K-12 resources for district and building analysis. Explore the 30,000 foot view of achievement and demographic data, menus and personas, new reports and features, user roles, and student level performance that guides administrative decision making.
MiSchoolData Open Office Hours View offerings/not available icon
Drop on in to learn a little more about MiSchoolData and/or ask the questions that arise while you are using MiSchoolData. Learning topics will vary each session and take place the first 10 minutes of each session followed by open question time.
Principals of Southwest Michigan (SWMIPALS) View offerings/not available icon
Bi Monthly 3 hour meetings virtual meetings. This cross-county regional network was formed as an avenue for communication and collaboration among administrators in elementary and middle school programs. It is very informal, free of charge, and the group defines the agenda and the focus for each meeting. Our goal is for each meeting to include some professional learning, some sharing of success stories or program overview, and time for networking and collaboration around topics that are relevant
Regional State and Federal Grant Support Series View offerings/not available icon
The three-part series will provide district leaders with updates, training and supports to align continuous improvement processes and structures with federal and state requirements;
Xello 101 View offerings/not available icon
An introduction and general overview of the Student Experience and their journey into self-knowledge, exploration, and planning. Then we’ll take a look at the educator platform to see tools, features and reports that will make tracking your students’ progress a breeze!
Xello 201 View offerings/not available icon
A deeper dive into the Student Experience, their assessment results and determining fit, and timeline experiences. Then to the Educator Tools for designing reports that make sense for your district, reviewing the family portal and built-in college planning tools for every Junior and Senior.