Special Education 
Assistive Technology Workshop View offerings/not available icon
Update your AT Tool Box! This workshop, hosted by the Kalamazoo County-Wide Assistive Technology Team, is designed to help special education professionals gather knowledge about the latest AT strategies and tools for the classroom. Participants in this one-day workshop will learn about AT in the IEP, SETT Framework, the SNAP Media lending library, the AT proposal process, and classroom tools.
Evolving your Curriculum toward Differentiated Projects View offerings/not available icon
This session will allow you time to work on a unit that you use in your classroom. Choose a unit according to one or more of the following guidelines: 1) A unit in which you would like to improve student motivation for learning. 2) A unit that contains standards/benchmarks that data indicates that student test scores need to be improved. 3) A unit that you would like to improve to be more dynamic for you to teach or more interesting and relevant for students to learn.