Special Education
Assistive Technology Seminar view course/not available icon
Multiple assisted technology presentations to improve accessibility for all students in general education and special education classrooms/settings.
Humphrey Products Externship view course/not available icon
What scenarios can you pose to students that link the real world to the content of your classroom? Math, science, language arts and social studies teachers will see how to create relevance in their classrooms through real projects found in the world outside school. Educators will take away ideas for evolving existing curriculum to include relevant projects. Participants will understand how to easily include career information in classrooms.
Mindfulness in the Classroom view course/not available icon
Toxic stress is something that many students face on a daily basis. The effects of this stress on their behavior and learning can be profound. Mindfulness is a practice that has been used in classrooms across the world to allow students to learn the skill of managing stress, calming their thoughts, and focusing their brains. This workshop is designed to give participants an introduction to mindfulness and how it can be used in the classroom.
Powerful Practices for New Teacher Success view course/not available icon
This professional development course is designed to support new teachers as they begin their career in education. Topics will include; designing a classroom management system where students and teachers have a critical role, creating a culture for learning, engaging students in the learning process, teaching diverse learners and implementing best practice instructional strategies.
Paraprofessional Power: Making the Most of Your Role as a Para-Educator view course/not available icon
This series provides essential tools for management and instruction for paraprofessionals in all grades. The two sessions will focus on strategies for diverse learners, as well as student engagement techniques. On day one, paras will learn how to support all students, and ensure alignment with classroom teachers. The second day includes specific areas of mathematics and language arts. Participants are provided with discussion time, as well as time to learn specific strategies.
Flowserve Externship view course/not available icon
Guiding questions include: How can we help students understand the idea of career mobility – beginning with entry level jobs and finding success as they learn and grow. How do skills developed in school lead to a strong career? How are academics applied in the work setting? How can we help students value the relevance of knowledge gained at school?