Functional Behavior Assessment--Going Deeper View offerings/not available icon
This training will expound upon the DAY 1: Introduction to Functional Behavior Assessment Training and emphasize the principles of behavior analysis, along with evidence-based strategies for managing student behavior. This training will provide a brief overview for looking at behavior from a functional perspective and identifying variables that are hypothesized to control student behavior.
Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Training (KRA) View offerings/not available icon
The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) is a developmentally appropriate assessment tool designed to measure the readiness of incoming kindergarteners across four domains: Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Social Foundations and Physical Well-Being and Motor Development. It is a research-based, valid and reliable assessment. The goal of the assessment is to provide the teachers with relevant data to help them differentiate instruction and address learning gaps.
Writing Quality NGSS Assessments View offerings/not available icon
New standards, new instruction, now what about assessment? Participants in this series will examine assessment items that are Michigan Science Standards aligned. They will learn how to write assessments that are aligned with the 3-Dimensional vision of the Michigan Science Standards.
Illuminate DnA Training Series View offerings/not available icon
KRESA will be hosting a series of year 1 implementation trainings for Illuminate DnA. These trainings will allow staff to: create and import assessments for pre/post use both in Illuminate or in other forms administer pre/post assessments in Illuminate OR bring data in for assessments that were not administered in Illuminate develop plans in line with district data needs to support all content areas **Please note: There are multiple sessions available. Sessions are sorted by date.