Instructional Strategies 
New Teacher: New Job or New District: Now What? View offerings/not available icon
First time teacher or experienced teacher in a new district? This asynchronous and synchronous professional learning is designed to support your integration into your new role. From analyzing best practice instructional strategies and your evaluation tool you will develop, implement, and reflect on how these strategies impact student learning.
Productive Discourse: A Key to Student Engagement View offerings/not available icon
Talking is integral to human learning. How can we routinely support students in sense-making talk to help them work through their understanding. In this professional development course teachers in all content areas will develop a plan for creating a culture of productive talk in their classroom. They will learn about the four goals surrounding productive talk and plan for how they will facilitate productive talk and how to engage students in productive talk.
Xello 101 View offerings/not available icon
An introduction and general overview of the Student Experience and their journey into self-knowledge, exploration, and planning. Then we’ll take a look at the educator platform to see tools, features and reports that will make tracking your students’ progress a breeze!
Xello 201 View offerings/not available icon
A deeper dive into the Student Experience, their assessment results and determining fit, and timeline experiences. Then to the Educator Tools for designing reports that make sense for your district, reviewing the family portal and built-in college planning tools for every Junior and Senior.
Maximize Impact Through Instructional Coaching View offerings/not available icon
This professional learning opportunity will allow coaches to enhance their coaching skills, collaborate with others, and learn methods to support a virtual learning environment. This interactive training will take place virtually through three one-hour sessions. Instructional coaches will implement a coaching wellness check on their current practices to identify areas of success and well as identify areas to improve.