Instructional Strategies 
A Phenomenal Approach to Integrating Science and Literacy View offerings/not available icon
How can we integrate Literacy within Science to maximize the instructional time on a given day? Instead of looking at Science as “another thing” this interactive professional learning will explore strategies and practices that support utilizing Literacy Essentials in partnership with quality Science instructional strategies and practices.
Cultivating Master Teachers View offerings/not available icon
First time teacher or experienced teacher in a new district? This professional learning is designed to support your understanding of the critical components in becoming a master educator. This six session series will spend time analyzing effective communication, learning environment design, curriculum and content, best practice instructional strategies, meaningful data, and growth. You will develop, implement, and reflect on how these components impact student learning as you cultivate the m
Productive Talk: A key to engagement in the classroom View offerings/not available icon
Talking is integral to human learning. How can we routinely support students in “sense-making” talk to help them work through their understanding. In this professional development course teachers in all content areas will develop a plan for creating a culture of productive talk in their classroom. They will learn about the four goals surrounding productive talk and plan for how they will facilitate productive talk and how to engage students in productive talk.
The Question Formulation Technique : Engaging students in the learning process View offerings/not available icon
Developed by the Right Question Institute, the Question Formulation Technique, or QFT, is a structured method for generating and improving questions. It distills sophisticated forms of divergent, convergent, and metacognitive thinking into a deceptively simple, accessible, and reproducible technique. The QFT builds the skill of asking questions, an essential — yet often overlooked — lifelong learning skill that allows people to think critically, feel greater power and self-efficacy, and become m
Disciplinary Literacy Deeper Dive Essentials #1 and #5 View offerings/not available icon
After having participated in the Introduction to Essential Instructional Practices in Disciplinary Literacy, participants will be able to dive deeper into some of the research-supported literacy instructional practices used to improve students’ academic literacies and content learning at the 6-12 grade levels.