Instructional Strategies 
Maximize Impact Through Instructional Coaching View offerings/not available icon
Calling all coaches! Unite for a new perspective on coaching led by the Kalamazoo RESA coaching staff, Deborah Boersma (Literacy) and Mary Burke (Science). Participants will build their capacity and maximize their impact by developing a structure for their coaching process. They will have the opportunity to create an instructional staircase to drive the coaching process.
Productive Talk-A Key to Engagement in the Classroom View offerings/not available icon
Talking is integral to human learning. How can we routinely support students in “sense-making” talk to help them work through their understanding. In this professional development course teachers in all content areas will develop a plan for creating a culture of productive talk in their classroom. They will learn about the four goals surrounding productive talk and plan for how they will facilitate productive talk and how to engage students in productive talk.
Planning Your K-12 Career Program View offerings/not available icon
Participants will work with an approach where the reliance is on the synergy of many people touching the career planning model in simple ways. Whether your district assigns this topic to Family and Consumer Science (FCS) teachers, counselors or other teachers, you will learn about many possibilities for infusing careers into each school building.