Behavioral Support and School Climate 
Building Literacy Through an SEL Lens View offerings/not available icon
This professional learning opportunity invites participants to explore strategies to build students literacy skills while also making connections to essential social emotional skills. In addition, participants will learn how to encourage students to explore their own emotions and develop self-awareness and self-management skills, all while increasing their own reading comprehension skills.
CHAMPS K-12 View offerings/not available icon
CHAMPS is a positive and proactive classroom management approach that provides teachers with tools to clearly structure each part of their day. Participants will learn how to define clear expectations for students and teach those at for each new routine. They are also provided tools to address motivation issues and chronic misbehavior.
Culturally Responsive Practices 101 View offerings/not available icon
Culturally Responsive Practices is an instructional strategy, mindset, and practice that cultivate classroom environments and implement teacher practices designed to improve the learning capacity of historically marginalized student identity groups and cultivate independent learning skills. This process creates space to allow all students to improve their learning skills, embrace their unique humanity, and access joy through instruction and community.
Human Trafficking: Education and Prevention View offerings/not available icon
Human Trafficking can feel like an invisible problem. It often appears to us as something that happens to others or somewhere else. But the reality is that Human Trafficking is something that is an increasing problem in nearly every state in the U.S. In this workshop we will begin to explore the definition of Human Trafficking and how it impacts all of us. In addition, we will unpack strategies that can help combat this issue and understand why education is a powerful tool for prevention.
Relationships Matter: Transforming School Climate One Student at a Time View offerings/not available icon
Student relationships are a critical element of success. As teachers develop their strategies for managing student behavior, developing tools to build student relationships is an important aspect to consider. In this workshop, teachers will be given clear and explicit strategies to build student relationships. From simple things like greeting students at the door to building opportunities for classwide celebrations, teachers will have concrete tools to implement.
Restorative Practices: Strategies & Implementation View offerings/not available icon
Designed for teachers and administrators alike, the facilitators will give educators the tools they need to begin to incorporate restorative practices into their work. In this session, educators will learn about tools that may be needed to begin to build restorative school environments and positively impact equitable school climate.
SEL (Social/Emotional Learning) in the Classroom View offerings/not available icon
Social and emotional learning (SEL) is an initiative that helps support a well-rounded education that teaches to the whole child. Teachers are working to help develop student skills such as self-awareness, self-management, and decision making. This workshop will help participants understand what it means to create classrooms and schools that focus on the development of the whole child using evidence-based programs and supportive environments.
Self-Care & Thriving Through Hard Times View offerings/not available icon
One thing that has become clear over recent years is that educators have become front-line and essential workers. Managing crises, working in ever-changing environments, and facing mounting stress, educators need to be aware of how they can ensure their strength and resilience. In this workshop we will examine WHY self-care is essential and practical strategies to begin the process of actually making self-care a reality in our lives.
Trauma-Informed Classrooms View offerings/not available icon
In our classrooms today, we have a unprecedented challenge in working with the impacts of trauma. This workshop is designed to not only address the question of How does trauma impact the brain, but also help educators understand What Now? Participants will understand what the characteristics of a Trauma-Informed School are and how they can effectively bring practices into the classroom.
Building a Network of Supports: Mental Health & Schools View offerings/not available icon
This professional development will help to provide answers to the question: "what do our students need during difficult times?" Keynote speaker Kirk Lowis will introduce the topic with tips and tools to help your K-12 students. Presenters from Family & Children Services, Gryphon Place, and ISK will provide an overview of their services as well as wisdom on loss, crisis, anxiety, depression, and transitions. The meeting will conclude with a panel discussion with our experts and a Q&A session.