Behavioral Support and School Climate 
Building Literacy Through an SEL Lens View offerings/not available icon
This professional learning opportunity invites participants to integrate SEL topics within through literacy offerings. Addresses SEL competencies within the literacy block.
CHAMPS K-12 View offerings/not available icon
CHAMPS is a positive and proactive classroom management approach that provides teachers with tools to clearly structure each part of their day. Participants will learn how to define clear expectations for students and teach those at for each new routine. They are also provided tools to address motivation issues and chronic misbehavior.
Classroom Management & Engagement for Blended Learning View offerings/not available icon
We have entered the age when students are learning online and at home. Educators now need to understand how to effectively manage and engage students. Regardless of the setting, classroom management is an essential aspect of effective teaching. In addition, educators need strategies to facilitate meaningful engagement in learning. This workshop will provide support and practical strategies in both of these areas.
PBIS & SEL: Aligning Initiatives View offerings/not available icon
What would it look like to have a unified approach to schoolwide support that creates clear expectations for all students and teaches students Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills? This workshop focuses on taking the systematic approaches of Positive Behavior Supports and integrating SEL elements. Participants will understand how to structure schoolwide supports that involve SEL skills such as self-awareness, self management, and responsible decision making as well as others.�
Relationships Matter: Transforming School Climate One Student at a Time View offerings/not available icon
Student relationships are a critical element of success. As teachers develop their strategies for managing student behavior, developing tools to build student relationships is an important aspect to consider. In this workshop, teachers will be given clear and explicit strategies to build student relationships. From simple things like greeting students at the door to building opportunities for classwide celebrations, teachers will have concrete tools to implement.
Restorative Classrooms View offerings/not available icon
Traditional approaches to discipline may be outdated or ineffective. Restorative Practices seeks to support teachers in finding new ways that to approach student behavior. All participants will learn to understand Basic Restorative Practices as well as Restorative Justice philosophy. In addition, they will learn to facilitate community building and classroom circles, and engage in informal restorative conversation with students. Designed for teachers and administrators alike, the facilitators wi
SEL (Social/Emotional Learning) in the Classroom View offerings/not available icon
Social and emotional learning (SEL) is an initiative that helps support a well-rounded education that teaches to the whole child. Teachers are working to help develop student skills such as self-awareness, self-management, and decision making. This workshop will help participants understand what it means to create classrooms and schools that focus on the development of the whole child using evidence-based programs and supportive environments. Participants will understand that incorporating SEL s
Teaching SEL When Students Aren't in School View offerings/not available icon
If Social Emotional Learning is a priority, we still have the opportunity to build skills with students when they are engaged in distance learning. In this time when students don�t have the same opportunities for structured learning, will learn fun and engaging ways to offer SEL learning activities for students to complete at home or with their families.
Taking the Temperature on SEL: Monitoring and Evaluation View offerings/not available icon
When you are planning to invest time and resources into creating an SEL program in your school or district, you want to make sure that you’re investing in the right areas and that what you are doing is effective. This workshop will help educators understand how to determine what aspects of social emotional (non-academic) data to measure and how to respond once the data is collected.