Behavioral Support and School Climate 
CHAMPS K-12 View offerings/not available icon
CHAMPS is a positive and proactive classroom management approach that provides teachers with tools to clearly structure each part of their day. Participants will learn how to define clear expectations for students and teach those at for each new routine. They are also provided tools to address motivation issues and chronic misbehavior.
Coaching Classroom Management View offerings/not available icon
This workshop is designed to help those who support or lead teachers close the gap between the ideal of research-based practices and the actual implementation of positive classroom management. Administrators will learn guidelines for setting expectations and assisting teachers in meeting them and consultants will learn how they can use the skills they already have to assist teachers in a non-evaluative context.
Functional Behavior Assessment: Introduction & Going Deeper View offerings/not available icon
Students who exhibit consistent minor problem behaviors (10-15% of the school population) benefit from basic and less intrusive Functional Behavior Assessment procedures that may be conducted by someone other than an individual well-versed in behavioral principles. Practical FBA presents and applies the FBA technology for use by school personnel in a proactive manner. Practical FBA is specifically designed for use with students that exhibit chronic problems that are not dangerous and have not be
Mindfulness In The Classroom View offerings/not available icon
Toxic stress is something that many students face on a daily basis. The effects of this stress on their behavior and learning can be profound. Mindfulness is a practice that has been used in classrooms across the world to allow students to learn the skill of managing stress, calming their thoughts, and focusing their brains. This workshop is designed to give participants an introduction to mindfulness and how it can be used in the classroom.
Restorative Classrooms View offerings/not available icon
Traditional approaches to discipline may outdated or ineffective. Restorative Practices seeks to support teachers in finding new ways that to approach student behavior. All participants will learn to understand Basic Restorative Practices as well as Restorative Justice philosophy. In addition, they will learn to facilitate community building and classroom circles, and engage in informal restorative conversation with students. Designed for teachers and administrators alike, the facilitators will
SEL in the Classroom View offerings/not available icon
Social and emotional learning (SEL) is an initiative that helps support a well-rounded education that teaches to the whole child. Teachers are working to help develop student skills such as self-awareness, self-management, and decision making. This workshop will help participants understand what it means to create classrooms and schools that focus on the development of the whole child using evidence-based programs and supportive environments. Participants will understand that incorporating SEL s
The Behavior Code View offerings/not available icon
This two-day series will provide the conceptual background for breaking the behavior code. Participants will leave with a systematic approach for deciphering causes and patterns of 4 types of difficult student challenges: Anxiety-Related; Oppositional, Withdrawn and Sexualized behavior. Participants will be able to match them with proven strategies that get students back on track.
Trauma Informed Classrooms View offerings/not available icon
In our classrooms today, we have a unprecedented challenge in working with the impacts of trauma. This workshop is designed to not only address the question of How does trauma impact the brain, but also help educators understand What Now? Participants will understand what the characteristics of a Trauma Informed School are and how they can effectively bring practices into the classroom. The workshop will assist participants to self-reflection and stress management to allow them to respond to beh
Planning Your K-12 Career Program View offerings/not available icon
There are many new requirements for schools to implement career programs. Who is responsible for this? How can you plan for a comprehensive K-12 approach where career programming becomes part of the culture of the district? Research shows that career readiness has positive effects on student motivation and learning when connections are made between school and the world outside school.