Desmos: Increasing Student Engagement & Understanding in Secondary Mathematics with Technology View offerings/not available icon
You may have heard of Desmos, the free, online graphing calculator. You may not have heard about Desmos Activities and Lessons. Teachers can use Desmos to help students connect mathematical concepts to concrete, real-world contexts and visuals to help develop powerful mathematical concepts and to build procedural skills from these concepts. Come to this one-day series to build your own teacher account and learn how to find, select, and plan for Desmos Activities and Lessons to help bring your se
Mathematical Routines to Cultivate Engagement & Understanding View offerings/not available icon
Do your secondary students struggle with mental math? Are you wondering how to engage ALL students in mathematical discourse? This series will focus on the use of the Contemplate Then Calculate mathematical routine to increase student engagement, develop student's understanding of mathematical structure, and establish a community of powerful doers of mathematics.We will explore how this particular routine can be adapted to meet the learning needs of your students as well as how to engage ALL stu
Conferring in the Elementary Mathematics Classroom: Responding to Student Thinking in the Moment View offerings/not available icon
Teachers confer in literacy to provide responsive, differentiated instruction. But what does it look like to confer in math? How can brief interactions make a difference in student thinking, engagement in math practices, and collaboration? We’ll examine conditions for conferring and its core components: eliciting, probing, and nudging student thinking. Using videos and transcripts of conferring, we’ll investigate five types of nudges that you can use to advance student thinking in the moment.