Building Numeracy in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom View offerings/not available icon
This two-part series will explore how to build students' numeracy in the secondary mathematics classroom. Teachers will gain a deeper understanding of how students develop more sophisticated mathematical reasoning and how that applies to grade-level mathematics. Teachers will learn about routines that encourage the development of mathematical relationships to reason with numbers and numerical concepts. Teachers will leave with adaptable 10-15 minute routines to use in their math class to ensur
Ignite Elementary Math Using Number Sense Routines View offerings/not available icon
Enhance your elementary students' mathematical abilities with our virtual professional learning opportunity on number sense development. Join us for two engaging sessions exploring the concept of number sense and how to foster it through Effective Teaching Practices, backed by current research. By the end of the course, you'll have a daily implementation plan to take your students' number sense to new heights.
Math Instructional Leaders Network View offerings/not available icon
The Math Instructional Leaders Network is a professional learning community designed for math coaches and consultants working in and around Kalamazoo County. Through this program, participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with peers, share resources, and deepen their knowledge of effective mathematics instruction. The program will focus on four key areas of development: impactful practices for mathematics instruction, effectively coaching mathematics teachers, building a common langu
Math Recovery Implementation Support View offerings/not available icon
This series will provide districts with opportunities to plan, implement, and evaluate Math Recovery course content into building and district services. Teachers and leaders will review Math Recovery course content and work toward implementation of the Guiding Principles of Math Recovery instruction.
The Power of Mathematical Routines in the Secondary Classroom View offerings/not available icon
In this session, participants will learn about mathematical routines that they can use to support all students' access to grade-level content. These routines, done regularly, can benefit all students by providing opportunities for students to use language to discuss the math content they are learning. The routines are designed to support a variety of language-focused skill growth: from reinforcing mathematical terminology to scaffolding conversations to providing opportunities for students to