Add+Vantage Math Recovery Course 1 View offerings/not available icon
Course 1 of Add+Vantage Math Recovery includes dynamic, diagnostic, individual assessments in number words and numerals, structuring numbers, and addition and subtraction strategies.
Add+Vantage Math Recovery Course 2 View offerings/not available icon
What Do My Students Really Know? Part 2! Add+VantageMR® (AVMR) Course 2 is a four-day course that includes dynamic, diagnostic, individual assessments in place value, multi-digit addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division strategies.
Building a Culture of Learning in Math and Science from Day One View offerings/not available icon
Teachers looking to build powerful math and sciences classrooms that are reasoning-centered and discourse-rich should attend this two-day series. Come learn about how classroom culture and climate guide student engagement and success in math and science. Learn how to use STEM activities the first 5 days of school to develop a powerful culture of learning while at the same time building your year-long classroom expectations and norms.
Connecting Math and Science Content Through Reasoning Centered Discourse View offerings/not available icon
Educators attending this workshop will learn how to connect the Michigan Mathematics Standards with the Michigan Science Standards for efficient and effective instruction. Participants will leave ready to implement strategies to integrate Math and Science to provide deeper learning for their students.
Eureka Math- New User Training View offerings/not available icon
This two-day session focuses on supporting new users of the Eureka Math program. Day one will include on a general overview of the curricular materials and a guided walkthrough of a module. Day two focuses on solving Application Problems and develop a better understanding of Fluency Practice. You will extensively practice solving application problems with math drawings and tape diagrams completing problems specific to each grade level.
Getting to Know the PSAT View offerings/not available icon
As of Spring 2018, the PSAT will replace the M-STEP spring assessment in Math and ELA for Michigan's 8th grade students. Come to this one-day session to learn about the aim, structure, and focus of the PSAT to guide your instruction throughout this school year.
Career and Educational Options After High School View offerings/not available icon
How do we talk with students about educational options during and after high school? What options are available and how do core academics play a part in the selection process? Participants will be introduced to the terminology we need to use with students and will broaden their scope of knowledge on adding more educational options to their discussions with students.
Differentiating and Personalizing Instruction in Classrooms View offerings/not available icon
Participants will be introduced to the research and value of personalizing instruction, to strengthen student engagement in core academic topics. We will explore methods for differentiating instruction according to personal interests and career ideas of students. Participants will be able to modify an existing classroom lesson or unit to develop their own ideas. Methods for pre and post testing will be discussed as an evaluation of new practices.