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Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency

Celebrating 20 Years Online 1996-2016

Annual Education Report (AER)
The 2014-15 Annual Education Report will be posted after schools receive the spring 2015 MSTEP data and reports are released by the state.
Valley Center School (VCS) is a collaborative special education program between local school districts and Kalamazoo. VCS serves students ages 8 to 18, with emotional or unique behavioral needs.
As a center-based special education program, VCS offers a smaller, structured educational setting. As an alternative educational setting, VCS offers a general education curriculum.
As a service, VCS offers pre-referral consulting in local districts. When consulting, VCS staff will assist local schools in completing a functional assessment and behavior intervention plan and is available to analyze the plan's effectiveness after implementation.
To inquire about VCS services, contact your area director of special education.
Our goal is to enable students to return to their local district and/or function better in their communities.