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Southern Michigan Autism Resource Team
SMART Mission:
To foster partnering of all stakeholders in Southern Michigan to improve services and outcomes for students with autism.
SMART Goals:
Organized roll-out of START Training and on-going Mentoring for Teachers (General Education, Regular Education), Administrators, Paraprofessionals and Families.

a. Central contact and coordination for trainings (referral and scheduling)
b. Central liaison and on-going support for coaches
c. Coordination of training tools

Resource Coordination Efforts

a. Creation and management of an areawide resource library
b. Fostering community stakeholder involvement


Systems Change

a. Promoting trans-disciplinary, pro-active, effective teaming
b. Increasing systematic transtion planning and resources

Contact SMART
Kalamazoo County - Michelle Simino
Berrien County - Kathy Hicock
Van Buren County - Melanie Giddings
Cass County - Carrie Rabbitt
St. Joe County - Kristi Bronstetter